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Our purpose at ESG Validation is to advance a sustainable, inclusive, fair and viable vision for business and investment around the globe.

We provide independent, consistent, targeted and evidence-based advice on ESG and sustainability, from strategy to execution; this includes assessment of ESG performance, and validation of ESG claims by companies on behalf of investors.

What we do

We offer objective, thoughtful advice and assessment on ESG, sustainability and related themes from board-level strategy to programme development and implementation. We engage with a wide range of clients and stakeholders across sectors, markets and areas of commercial, trade and investment activity with specialisms that include finance in trade, climate change and the environment and policy.

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Illustrating our Approach: Investment choices

Strategic options

Investors, company executives and others who are looking to pay greater attention to ESG issues and risks can take several points of view.

An investor perspective may identify five strategic options: Minimalist, Exclusion, Passive Selection, Active Selection and Impact Investment.

ESG Validation will advise and assist investors to develop ESG strategies for all these options, in all cases ensuring that the adopted approach is robust in the face of scrutiny, that investments are consistent with the strategy, and that the overall strategy is coherent and evidence-based. We do not offer investment advice, but rather, advice related to the robustness of ESG claims which can, and should, inform investment decisions.

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ESG Validation, a London-based firm, aims to address a major gap in the current architecture of global capital markets that will be critical in advancing ESG-aligned business leadership and investment management: a trusted, neutral, and competent company to provide an authorative view on the ESG claims, measures and practices of corporates and companies around the globe.

“Without institutional purpose, no company or individual can achieve their full potential…..”

Laurence Fink, Blackrock

“Combining social good with making money is the [only] licence to operate”

Hanish Manwani

Joshua Tree

Next steps...

We are committed to the advancement of ESG practices, standards and disciplines around the globe. We provide objective, independent advisory services, research, analysis and thought leadership, and advocacy on ESG, sustainability and related areas.

ESG Validation engages with a variety of clients, including company boards and executive leadership, CSR, ESG and sustainability teams, as well as investors seeking to better understand the ESG claims (and substantive actions and behaviours) of corporates. We work with government, public sector and international institution clients as well as regulatory and standards organisations, investment and asset managers, business leaders and others committed to bringing ESG to the core of commercial, investment and policy activity. We apply a disciplined, independent posture in the market, which enhances the probity of the advice we offer to our clients.

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